The Prosecutor’s office explained the danger of statements by Mendel about the Ukrainian army

В Генпрокуратуре разъяснили опасность заявлений Мендель об украинской армии

The public statements of Julia Mendel, a spokesman for President Vladimir Zelensky, that the Ukrainian Armed forces allegedly shelled civilian infrastructure in the Donbass, can be used government in international courts. In this regard, the General Prosecutor’s office appealed to the President’s Office for clarification of the speaker of the head of state.

“This information is not only one of the elements of the information war against Ukraine, and likely will be filed by representatives of the Russian Office of the Prosecutor of the International criminal court as evidence of the alleged violations of the laws or customs of war, namely Armed forces of Ukraine”, – reads the statement of the GPU, released Wednesday evening, 3 July.

The prosecutors confirmed earlier media spread information that Mendel July 1, came in for questioning, but refused to testify.

July 3, GPU sent to OP asking for confirmation or denial of public statements by Mendel about the shelling of civilian targets by the Ukrainian army.

The request is sent within investigation of criminal proceedings, registered 29 September 2019. The subject of preliminary investigation are the facts of assistance to the Investigative Committee of Russia to the terrorist organizations “DNR” and “LNR” by obviously illegal attraction to criminal responsibility of the Ukrainian military personnel.

According to investigators, the RF IC opened a 230 criminal cases against participants of anti-terrorist operation / operation of combined forces. Illegal charges charged in absentia about 70 Ukrainian officers APU for alleged attacks on civilian infrastructure.

The GPU characterized the actions of the Russian investigators under part 2 of article 127, part 2 of article 146, part 2, article 147, part 1 of article 258-3, part 2 of article 343, part 2 of article 344, part 2 of article 372, part 2, article 375, parts 1 and 2 of article 438, part 1 of article 442 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Recall that on 6 June the TV channel “1+1” Mendel said that Ukrainian troops in the area of environmental protection alleged to succumb to provocations and shelling firing positions of the militants of the Russian occupation forces, which are equipped in residential neighborhoods, the courtyards of hospitals, schools and other civilian facilities. As a result, by words a press-Secretary Zelensky, killing innocent civilians.

On 26 and 27 June the Chief military Prosecutor of the GPU called Mendel for interrogation in connection with these statements, and on Bankova street came investigator Yuri Kovalchuk. Press Secretary of the President with the investigator spoke, but the report refused to sign.

In addition, on 7 June, the GPU has registered three criminal proceedings on the results of applications of the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma on the necessity of ending the trade embargo ORDO.