The Prosthesis exoskeleton called the biggest in the world

Экзоскелет Prosthesis назвали самым большим в мире

The exoskeleton Prosthesis, which was developed by the canadian company Furrion, ball called the largest in the world, reports “UNIAN”. The height of the exoskeleton is of 3.96 meters, length – 5.1 meters and a width of 5.51 meters, have made it into the Guinness Book of records.

The device was developed specially for racing on the exoskeleton. The first design presented in 2018, then his height was 4.57 meters. It is capable of speeds up to 32 kilometers per hour.

According to the Guinness Book of records, the weight of the exoskeleton is 1.4 tons. Prosthesis constructed of chrome-plated pipes. It can be started in motion by two electric motors through a hydraulic system.

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