The protesters plan to return to the streets of Paris

Протестующие планируют вернуться на улицы Парижа

The movement of the “Yellow jackets” once again prepares to bring supporters to the streets of French cities. New protests will be held in Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse and several other cities of France.

In the French capital’s police Prefecture, a special decree on the eve of the marches again forbade the protesters to get close to the historical centre of the city.

Demonstrators had to choose routes away from the capital’s main Avenue – the Champs elysées, as well as districts where are located the official residence of the President of the French Republic and the National Assembly. Can’t the protesters gather and the Notre Dame Cathedral, damaged in the last month from the devastating fire.

Your main March in the capital of the “yellow jackets” are going to start on the strip Magenta where they will head to the Area of the Nation.

Gathering place of the movement will be on Saturday and the capital’s airport named after Charles de Gaulle. “Yellow jackets” are going to be there to Express their protest against the privatisation of the Parisian terminals.