The prototype of the Martian ship Starship Mk1 from SpaceX exploded during a test: video

The company SpaceX has tested a prototype ship Starship Mk1 that I plan to use for the colonization of Mars. Testing occurred on the ground in Boca Chica in South Texas and ended the test explosion of the prototype.

According to NASA, the prototype had a standard test which should check whether it can withstand extremely cold temperatures (which he might face during a real mission).

During the experiment, an explosion occurred in the upper part of the ship separated and made uncontrollable flight, rising to a height of about 150 meters. At the same time, no one was hurt.

Affected by the accident there.

What they say in SpaceX

The Mask has made a statement on the matter. They reported that the result was unexpected.

“The purpose of the test was the maximum pressure in the system, so the result was not completely unexpected. There were no casualties and it was not a serious blow for us,” the company says.

Reacted to news and CEO of SpaceX Ilon Musk. He said that this does not affect further testing of the Starship. He stressed that the Mk1 was just a sample, and the design of the flight unit will be different.

Now preparing a Starship second prototype Starship (Mk2) that needs to perform suborbital flight after Mk1. In the first half of 2020 the following prototype Mk3 or Mk4 will go in the first orbital flight.

Starship Mk1 from SpaceX exploded during a test: video

What is known about Mars mission Mask?SpaceX plans to develop the project, which will transport people and cargo to Mars and back. Develop even a house of Mars, in which people should live. In the distant future, on Mars we move to production and to mine the minerals. According to the concept of the Mask, the first such mission to the Red planet should start in 2025.

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