The prototype of the Semi Tesla began to deliver the automobile Model 3 buyers

Прототип Tesla Semi начал доставлять легковые Model 3 покупателям

Прототип Tesla Semi начал доставлять легковые Model 3 покупателям

Tesla will use all means to cope with the excess of orders for the Tesla Model 3 and to carry out the plan of the second quarter on delivery of cars to customers. In order to cope with the number of orders Tesla uses prototypes of the Tesla Semi – Autonomous truck of the company.

One of the trucks, loaded Model 3, were seen leaving the factory in Fremont. According Electeck if Tesla will have time to deliver all the ordered electric cars in time, will break the record of last year, when it was delivered to 95 thousand cars.

Tesla barely has time to cope with the frantic demand for the Model 3

Semi trucks carry about electric cars in showrooms, where employees of Tesla delivered cars to buyers – usually on one of the nearby stops for contactless transmission. This is not the first time Tesla Semi used for delivery of passenger cars. Now, however, it is a necessary measure, not a PR stunt for the company.

It is no secret that Tesla is faced with logistics problems and can not meet the demand for affordable Model 3. Musk has apologized to customers for delays in deliveries and thanked logistics partners who also switched to enhanced mode for cooperation.

The company is required to deliver 8 to 10 thousand electric cars to customers in North America until the end of June, to successfully close the fiscal second quarter.

In early summer, Musk also expressed readiness for serial production of Semi electrogrooving. The head of Tesla, confirmed that the batteries and the power plant will be made in Nevada, said the improvement in the design, but did not give an exact date of release.

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