The Provocation Of The Kremlin? There are new data on chemical weapons Ukraine to Syria

Провокация Кремля? Появились новые данные о химическом оружии Украины в Сирии

Chemical weapons allegedly by the Ukrainian marking, which is found in Syria may be another attempt of the Kremlin to associate Ukraine with the Islamic state.

Detailed examination of photographs showed that not only the inscription “Ukraine”, and the containers are not genuine and were manufactured in makeshift conditions, the report said the military-political commentator Alexander Kovalenko for the project “Information resistance”.

He stressed that Russia has repeatedly tried to associate Ukraine with terrorists in order to divert the West’s attention from their own complicity.

“However, these attempts are futile and do not find support in the West, where it regularly publishes reports stating the unchanging quantitative leadership, “the Russian legionaries” on the side of ISIS,” – said Kovalenko.

Before the Syrian containers, Russia also claimed the preparation of a chemical attack in the Donbas APU, however, in fake disbelief. However, new provocations, according to a military observer, are much more likely to act.

“Therefore do not be surprised if the strange container after the next attack on civilian populations or the soldiers of Assad, which is their “leader” is not a pity, will be presented as evidence is not in favor of Ukraine”, – concluded Kovalenko.