The provocative video clip of Anna Sedokova has caused a great resonance among the fans

Провокационный видео клип Анны Седоковой вызвал большой резонанс среди поклонников

Mother of many children in skimpy outfits are unable not to hurt the feelings of many mothers of Russia. Many began to write on the personal page of the singer that such a candid video is not acceptable for a young mom that soon the children will grow up and not be able to respond to such behavior of his mother. But Anna is not stopping. She clearly adheres to its unique style, which she loves and makes this music that it is closest in spirit and temper. She also does not pay attention to negative comments, which can be found on the Internet and especially on her page, writes

It should be noted that her song is nominated for the Russian prize, and it is possible that she will win because she has it all odds. The singer believes that for her and her fans this is a huge step forward and a huge win, which she is very excited. The song is called “Shantaram” is very popular today among fans. A vote for the fact that the girl won in the nomination. The singer also believes that it’s the best work lately, and perhaps for the entire creative life. She is actively engaged in self-development and constantly improving their looks and singing.

Anne highlighted the work of the Director who was able to create an amazing visualization of her ideas and creative impulses. She thanked all the team who put maximum amount of effort to the video is at the highest level. Many fans did not agree, and some supported a new work girls and wished to see it continue to grow in this direction. The girl is not going to stop there and wants to continue to move forward. “The dream of all men”: Anna Sedokova with a cigar in his mouth, struck down outright sexual way.