The psychiatrist Eugene Brune: energy and coffee in the age of 17 can contribute to cancer

Нарколог Евгений Брюн: энергетики и кофе в возрасте до 17 лет могут способствовать раку

The doctor recommends to introduce children under 17 years of coffee and energy drinks, because it hurts the work of the very young organism and may contribute to the development of dangerous diseases, including cancer.

The main non-staff specialist psychiatrist-narcologist Moscow Department of health Yevgeny Bryun said that drinking coffee and energy drinks for children up to 16-17 years of age may cause serious health effects. So, first of all, the caffeine affects the nervous system in childhood in the process of constant formation. Children can experience symptoms such as excessive irritability and moodiness, fatigue, susceptibility to sleep disorders.

In addition, under the influence of caffeine aktiviziruyutsya loss of body water, with which he also loses useful elements, vitamins and minerals. However, due to lack of moisture begin to suffer kidneys.

“Together with the fluid output of mineral substances, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, necessary for heart function. Regular consumption of caffeine has a negative impact on growing the cardiovascular system,” – said Yevgeny Bryun.

The psychiatrist added that the main components of energy drinks in the form of taurine, ginseng and guarana may contribute to the development of hypertension and cancer. According to Brune, one of these ingredients, taurine, is poorly understood by science in its effects on the body, many of its effects are not clear. But we know that in combination with alcohol it can cause exhaustion of the nervous system. Ginseng and guarana, the doctor said that with regular use “can be triggered by various disorders of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, promote the development of hypertension, and even cancer cells”.