The psychic said he is waiting for Lugansk and Donetsk

Экстрасенс рассказала, что ждет Луганск и Донецк

In 2019 non-government-controlled areas of Donbas are not waiting for anything positive, it is also possible a serious aggravation at the end of March – beginning of April.

The cards she made online, at the request of its subscribers. “I didn’t want to do in this situation – upset yourself, to upset. But I beg you, therefore, still agreed. There are people, too, and they want to know. What they prepare. And don’t blame me if it’s something you wouldn’t want to hear,” she warned at the beginning of the session.

Because, according to her version, the Lugansk – Donetsk man is a man, then she laid out the cards for one virtual Donetsk and Lugansk men. “In addition, both areas next, so I think anything different is waiting for them,” he warned.

“When you look cards for people at least polycostella, then at least something to be happy about. And here I look… so a man, in his past lies a braid. It means a threat. In this situation, the man took a scythe, mowed the grass on the field to prepare it for the new crop. But he mowed this grass is that the crop is not even in sight” began to broadcast.

According to her, the virtual men in the distant past, living the dream. “Fell in love, built homes, children at school – the beauty, all was well. In 2019, this virtual men even born no children. Here in the past – full of kids, and now…” she continues.

The cards she made on 11 February, and predicts that the strongest shock of the year will be a month and a half, i.e. around the end of March – beginning of April. “Next to health falls map “coffin” is death. This suggests that in 2019 there will be death. If you came to me a real man and a number of health had would map the “coffin”, I would have sent him to the doctors to have it checked. But in the case of Donetsk/Lugansk, when laid out all the cards, with the coffin borne a cross. Connection card “cross” and “Grob” means death. I scare you or not, but as the cards lay, I say. Moreover, these cards are “over your head”. This means that a month and a half – i.e., there will be some new aggravation, which will lead to the deaths… ‘d kick the shit outta Be some kind of explosion that indicates the death card and it says that the deadline is a month and a half. But then again, everything seemed to calm down,” explained the fortune teller.

Near death cards had the card of “book”. This, according to Razumovsky, can be interpreted as an adoption of any laws that result in uncontrolled territory in poor condition. “That opens the book, and rewritten the law. And if the book is a cross, you can imagine how this act is rewritten. When the book next fall prosperous card, it means the laws that lead to something new, changes. And here goes the map of the book, for her card “cross” after a cross – map “coffin”. That is, you can still be treated as – law died,” she stated.

“And then card “snake”. The serpent sits around the cross like the cross on the grave, and from under it a snake comes out, opens his mouth and bites of poison. I would have interpreted so – happy when he died,” said the fortune-teller.

In financial terms a state of disrepair. “There is no money. Work as it is, but the chiefs are sitting, which generally can not pay the money. And as before, if you remember, when the company had no money, gave products – powder, nails… Who produced. So here is shown,” says the fortune teller.

This money no not at all. “The maps show that someone has no money, but someone gets a big bunch (it means – money, success, luck). Although in General I can’t say that this is a virtual poor man is money, money, found. But the quarrels going for the money. Here maps show the Union,” she says.