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Психолог пояснив, що таке любов - 24 Канал

Renowned psychologist Michael Labkovsky explained what love is from the standpoint of psychology.

About this he wrote on Instagram.

Psychologist believes that love is nothing like the experience of a child’s emotions.

Some children loved as a child more, more, hugged, kissed. Therefore, for them love is to Express your feelings and thoughts without fear it is a solid wall of friendship.

Психолог пояснив, що таке любов - 24 Канал
Some children loved as a child more

And the other children loved less, sometimes parents were emotionally cold. These parents did not hug the child, and spoke only of school grades and the weather.

Such a child grows up with a terrible feeling of loneliness. He or she finds a partner and starts a family, and it turns out that the feeling of loneliness increases.

Other parents who are praised only for the achievements – a good grade, washed dishes, cleaned room, forced children to become “playboys-the philanderers”who know how to win the love. These adults just don’t know that you can love just for the fact that you have beautiful eyes. After the conquest of that sacrifice, the man loses interest in her, so what is this love, if you don’t have to do anything for her.

Психолог пояснив, що таке любов - 24 Канал
What love is: the explanation of the psychologist

The psychologist notes that there is another type – the”docile housewife”, who are doing their utmost to husband appreciated the dinner, cleaned the apartment and lace lingerie. They are written in a course to make more effort to be loved. In the end they did not marry, because there is no reciprocity.

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