The psychologist gave good advice to gamers

Психолог дала дельный совет игроманам

Video game addiction is a form of psychological dependence, which manifests itself in excessive, uncontrolled seizure of video games and advantages of virtual life over real. About the symptoms of this addiction and how to avoid it, told the candidate of psychological Sciences, the psychological expert on cybersecurity, President Menem Natalia Bugaeva in comments to journalists, UNN.

“Video games used within reasonable limits, have a certain psychotherapeutic effect contribute to relieving stress and reducing anxiety, however, in the case of abuse, they can lead to the opposite effect, causing increasing levels of anxiety, irritability and the development of aggressive behavior,” – said Bugaev.

According to her, the abuse of video games may contribute to the total escape from reality, immersion in the virtual world and the development of psychological gaming addiction.

Children gambling addiction leads to problems with academic performance, impaired family relationships and school environment, problems with health and mentality. In adults, this dependency can lead to professional and family conflicts, and problems of social, financial and legal nature.

“In the case of gaming disorder the player returns to the real world only to satisfy basic physiological needs, and again immersed in the game. The stay of the player in cyberspace can reach 18 or more hours a day,” – said Bugaev.

As explained by the psychologist, this type of disorder as video game addiction, characterized by loss of control over the duration and intensity of the game. Play activity becomes dominant and is a player to the detriment of other interests and important areas of life.

“The player, identifying himself with the hero of the game implemented in the virtual world, satisfying the needs not only of the game, but also the need to achieve goals, developing dexterity, the ability to overcome obstacles, the need for dominance and the avoidance of danger,” – said Natalia Bugaeva.

So, in the game the person takes on the role of what he’d like to be, but in reality it is not. In the case of gambling addiction is the integration of the consciousness of the player with its virtual incarnation, which may further lead to the identification of the player with computer hero. The return to reality deprives people of the opportunity of the hero, making helpless in the face of problems. According to the psychologist, role-playing, in terms of impact on the player, more powerful than the individual.

“The players with a behavioural addiction is a loss of sense of time, loss of communication with the real world, fear of independent decision-making, behavior change – the fatigue, the distraction, the predominance of bad moods, irritability, aggressiveness, constant desire to continue playing. If it is impossible to play, best continues to play mentally,” said Natalia Bugaeva.

In order not formed video game addiction, a psychologist advised to adhere to the following rules:

– to limit the time dedicated to video games and not to play it

– in case of gaming loss and outbreaks of negative emotions, as soon as possible to finish the game and take a break from cyberspace;

– do not put the performance of their duties in video game addiction;

– not to play before bedtime and at night;

– do not run existing somatic and psychological problems and time to turn to specialized professionals for their solution;

– differentiate life virtual and real worlds, and also have real-life alternative interests.

We will remind, the world health organization (who) officially recognized disease, “gaming disorder”.