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Психолог рассказали о детских кризисах и как с ними бороться - 24 Канал

What to do if a child suddenly became restless? Yesterday was all good, he was cheerful and obedient, and today like a little fiend that you can not cope! Psychologists say that you are faced with a crisis in children.

Development crisis or why the child became restless.

Children grow up very quickly. If you look at the whole of human life, the rapid and global changes occur to the person it is in childhood. For the first 16-17 years of life the child is in such a powerful race of developmentwhich never repeats itself throughout the next 50-70 years later in life.

Of course, each stage of development, when little man opens something completely new in this world, is accompanied by a state of crisis with which the young psyche can handle the work. The task of parents in this case — concepts, what happens with Chad and correctly to help him get through a difficult stage.

Let’s look at what crises arise and when your child.

The crisis of newborn

Oddly enough, but the first time after the birth the kid feels a lot of stress. This is understandable, because before that, he lived in the womb where it was always warm, quiet and safe. And here he was pushed in a strange and incomprehensible world. He needs to breathe and eat, he gets cold and hot, want to drink and sleep…

All these phenomena are completely incomprehensible baby and even cause discomfort. And it can give notions that something is wrong? Of course, crying.

Moreover, first, the baby will not share himself and his mother separate beings. He sees himself and the mother as a single organism. And when suddenly, after birth, the mother disappears for a while, a little frightened.

What to do?

The neonatal period — severe stage for all: parents, baby and even the next of kin. Often wear crumbs on hand, to surround him with care, talk to him, kiss and cuddle, sing him songs, catches all his desires and don’t leave alone what is now needed is your baby.

Crisis 6 months

This is a minor problem when a child suddenly begins to feel afraid, when you get away from him or leaving the house, leaving his grandparents.

In six months the baby begins to realize that the mother is separate from him and suddenly somewhere to go. This gives him the subconscious fear. So it turns into a real “Velcro”.

What to do?

Udalaya here baby gradually. Surround his love, but explain that even if mommy goes away, it still will never give up and always loves ego.

The crisis of the first year of life

Here you celebrated the first birthday or shortly will be noted. Previously quiet baby suddenly begins to act up. Everything he’s not. Give what you can’t get what brought. It’s like he’s rebelling, testing your endurance. On the one hand toddler requires to do everything himself, and the other will not let you.

For a kid still it is essential that the mother can “divide”. So it requires your constant presence. However, by this age, he already begins to realize that he is a separate person. He wants autonomy, wants to decide for himself what cartoons to watch, what to wear pantyhose, or nothing at all to wear and run around Nude.

What to do?

Always tell the child of their love. Give him some time during the day — read a book together, play games and fold the puzzle. And let the child decide what he can decide what to play, what kind of hat to choose which cartoon to watch.

If something is absolutely impossible baby, don’t fight just because, they say, “no, because I said so!”. The child understood the restrictions, always explain why not. Then blame the baby won’t have to.

The crisis in 3 years

The child at this age begins to feel very independent. He’s trying to prove that it can be as independent as adults. And after the parents ‘ authority begins to put pressure on him. As a result, the child begins to rebel.

He has tantrums, whims, cries and tears. He does not want to do what is necessary and what it requires: eat, sleep, swim, learn. This is a very difficult period, because the child becomes literally unmanageable.

What to do?

First, never indulge tantrums. If the kid screams, pounding his fists into the floor and requires something to give it to him — means to reinforce the effectiveness of tantrums. Once lead, and be prepared that tantrums will now be permanent.

Secondly, be patient. Don’t try to “break” the baby. So you’re only going to hurt his psyche and aggravate the problem. Do not shout once again, be forgiving and always tell them why it is important to do or not to do something.

And, of course, resort to tricks. Find compromises. Distract attention, if the “rebel” broke in earnest.

Crisis in 7 years

At this age the baby already looks like a small adult, but only being an adult he still does not know how. He’s already learned a lot of rules and morality. To be meaningful social connections.

Seven-year-old child becomes very ill-tempered and scrupulous. He closely monitors parents and requires them to behave as correctly as taught and ego. Now the child is similar to a strict Prosecutor who does not miss your viewers.

Always remember that the baby in the first place perceives your assignment. If you’re teaching him that lying is bad, and she is cheating, he will experience contradictory feelings: why mom says one thing and does another?

What to do?

Expand your social communications of the child, let him to communicate with other authoritative adults, let him prove to others that he is a good, smart, skillful. And always match his words.

All children and parents go through children age crises. And that’s how you cope depends on the psychological health of the baby.

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Author: Julia Shcherbachenko


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