The purchase of land will be expensive

Покупка земли станет дорогим удовольствием

The Deputy head of the Ministry of economy and agriculture Taras Vysotsky called, how much it will cost the earth.

If adopted the bill about the opening of the land market, the sale will cost a tidy sum. So, one hectare of land will cost about $1500-$2200.

“Our calculations show that if we apply the proposed model, which is valid – it will be an average of $2200 equivalent per hectare. Assuming limited models, with constraints, it will be a maximum of $1500. That’s the price of constraints (what is called the “only Ukrainians are buying”)”,

– says Taras Vysotsky.

This cost will only be the case if the bill will prescribe the conditions that the land may only be purchased by citizens of Ukraine. About this statement of Vladimir Zelensky we wrote earlier.

It is worth noting that, on opening of the land market will really be such a cost land, the ordinary Ukrainian farmer is unlikely to be able to expand their fields. Because this amount would be more acceptable to firms than for ordinary people.