The purge: club in the Premier League said goodbye with five players

Кадровая чистка: клуб УПЛ попрощался сразу с пятью футболистами

Кадровая чистка: клуб УПЛ попрощался сразу с пятью футболистами

On Tuesday 21 July, just five players left PFC lions.

Official site “Lviv” announced the resignation of Anton Bratkov, Serhiy Lyulka, Igor Gonchar and Vladislav Priymak, which ended contracts.

Last season they played more than twenty matches and was considered a players core holder.

Also in Instagram resignation announced Brazilian footballer Jonathan Lima, who played for the club during two seasons.

All the players were in the PFK “Lviv” for more than 20 matches this season. Most of them Anton Bratkov – 30 games. Sergei Cradle for “blue-Golden lions” have played 24 matches, and Igor Gonchar – 23. As for Vladislav Priymak, he played for PFC “lions” from the first days of the team in the Premier League. This season he has made 23 appearances for the team.

The new coach of PFC “Lviv”

PFK Lviv on 22 June officially changed head coach. The post Yeghishe Melikyan has taken Georgians Giorgi Tsetsadze. The parties entered into a one year contract with possibility of extension for another season.

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