The Rada was only 240 amendments to the law on language: what will Parliament this week

Раде осталось всего 240 правок в закон о языке: чем займется парламент на этой неделе

After a short break, the deputies will be back in the session hall. On their agenda are two important law on the state language and the President of the country. Will any of them this week and what questions will engage parliamentarians learned Today.

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Yesterday the people’s deputies immediately began to consider the long-suffering law on state language. We will remind, the document establishes the only state language Ukrainian: it is necessary to carry out the whole study and formal events. Television quotas for Ukrainian product want to increase from 75% to 90%, and all book publishing and media required to print half the copies in the state language. The Ukrainian will have to say all the officials during the performance of official duties. For talking while the performance in other languages will be fined up to 6800 UAH. But ordinary Ukrainians will be punished for the hardware distortion of the language in official documents the amount of 5100 UAH.

In the first reading the bill was adopted in October of last year, but since then, he managed to acquire more than two thousand edits on the analysis of which has spent months. According to the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy, the edits today there are only 240 and they may well consider a couple of days.

“The plan was that on Thursday we should proceed to the adoption of the law. I think this is a key issue and I hope that we can unite, regardless of the factions,” – said the speaker at a meeting of the conciliation Board.

The law has the potential and signing – President Petro Poroshenko has promised to approve the document if you vote for him before he resigned.

In adopting the language of the law is not in doubt, and experts.

“Most likely, this week the law will be – judging by the optimism Parubiy, in respect of the project there is a broad consensus. Moreover, in this Parliament, many are based on Patriotic values, they will be for,” – said political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko.

However, he adds that in the future the document could cause even appeal to the constitutional court.

“Some rules can be challenged due to the fact, that limit the rights of national minorities”, – says the expert.

The law on the President

We want the Parliament to deal with the law about the President and impeachment, his consideration does not exclude Parubiy on Thursday. However, while the agenda of the project not included, probably due to the fact that documents on this topic was as many as five pieces. Meanwhile, the speaker selects the variant of them his Deputy Oksana Syroid:

“There is a good systematic approach: the proposed law on the President in General, where it is possible to correct all inaccuracies in the relationship between the branches of government. Impeachment there is included in one of the sections.”

The author of the project noted that its law will increase the powers of the President in accordance with the Constitution. At the same time, Fesenko skeptical in relation to this bill.

“First, MPs need to define the basic document, the Committee needs to decide on it, and then it can be dealt with in the plenary hall. Unlikely this week, these processes will have time to implement, so these are merely suggestions, and not a concerted decision”, – the expert believes.

The chips and the title

In addition to the language points today, MPs will again try to rename multiple localities: Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky in the Kiev region – just in Pereyaslav, Ryabukhyne in Kharkiv – in walk Field and others. In the Parliament intend to work on a number of projects on security. In particular, Thursday I want to raise the issue of demining of the territories, and of bringing the military ranks of the APU in accordance with those made today in NATO. Also on Thursday is to pass a bill on holding in our country of the inter-parliamentary Assembly of NATO and to consider the law, which has already been postponed four times, on the mandatory registration of veterinary passports for all Pets.

Zavtra, and on Thursday MPs will work actively to ratify the cooperation agreements with Austria, Turkey, Britain, Argentina and other countries. At the Council, many deputies insisted on reviewing the law on lifting the immunity of MPs and changes to the Electoral code and even declare to do it in the week, but in the final agenda, these projects never appeared.

Savchenko came to work

Yesterday for the first time in a little more than a year of his arrest in the session hall came and MP Nadezhda Savchenko. On the sidelines, she told reporters that he will continue to consider laws and policies is not going away.

“I will continue to work as a Deputy, as I gave the oath to the Ukrainian people,”- said Savchenko.

We will remind, it is suspected of preparing attacks in Parliament, but last week was released from custody because the term of arrest expired.

We will remind, earlier “Today” wrote about the fact that Parliament has made demands Zelensky. From Vladimir Zelensky expect personnel changes. And to reduce tariffs.

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