The raiders went to the University. In Ukraine gathered to fight the grips

Рейдеры пошли по вузам. Как в Украине собрались бороться с захватами

In the Office of the President attended to the problem of raiding in Ukraine. Next week a separate category gosregistrator promise to deny access to registers. The decision of power argue significantly increased number of raider attacks. “News” know exactly what it can mean for Ukrainians and why officials of the justice Ministry delay the process.

Up to 400 attacks every year

Vladimir Zelensky instructed the justice Ministry to “disable” all of the state Registrar from the registry because of massive raids. This decision he made after a visit to the village Minay of Kyiv region for information on illegal activities of local municipal Registrar. During the visit, Zelensky invited the first Deputy Minister of justice Elena Sukmanova today to block municipal registrars the ability to conduct transactions – to restore order in this sphere.

In Ukraine, on average, two to three times a day illegally change hands. We can until the order to disable all the loggers that are creating the risks of raiding? Disconnect, “said Zelensky.

As have informed “news” in Office of the President, while we are talking about is utilities, which last year were given access to conduct registration actions, so the problems with real estate registration and other registration actions of the Ukrainians will not. For example, they can use the services of notaries. For his part, head of the Office of the President Andrey Bogdan noted that in near future there will be a presidential decree on combating raiding in registration.

By the way, according to the platform for open data Opendatabot annually in Ukraine is about 400 raider attacks. In this case since 2014 the number of raids has increased annually, and leaders among the regions by their number are Kyiv and Kyiv oblast. Followed by Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions.

Capture University and an international scandal

Recently, under the sight of the raiders got another room in the capital – the main building of Kiev University of market relations. As they say at the University, the physical attempt of capture occurred on 15 July, and “on paper” information in the registry was changed back in December 2018.

Raider seizure was effected by forgery “black logger” in the State register of property rights to immovable property. The other day, around 15:00, on campus drove the car, which left seven people. Some of them were in masks, others without. They showed some kind of extract from the register and stated that it is their premises and land. We called the police, but all she did was asked to settle a dispute in a lawful manner. After that unknown persons left, but the left one looking, who here is still“, – said the “Vesti” head of the Department of graduate studies of the University Yuri Chugaev.

He also said that the University wrote a statement to the police, which had already opened a criminal case. Interestingly, the re-registration of the land and premises of the University was carried out by the state Registrar of the municipal enterprise “center for Registration of real estate and business” Alexander by Proscenium. By the way, he, according to TH “business anti-corruption front”, is involved in several seizures of real estate in the capital. And in all cases the re-registration was carried out in December last year.

In this case, as the lawyers say, often in the schemes of corporate raids involved officials of the justice Ministry. In particular, such a statement was voiced by the attorney Yaroslav Romanchuk, protecting the interests of German investors, who were attacked by the raiders at the end of last year.

The attack on agribusinesses German investors took place in such a scenario, without calling a General meeting, forged the protocols, raiders hands the nominees, with the help of corrupt notaries and civil registrars, in an unlawful manner they had disposed of 100% ownership of the company, “said Romanchuk, noting that the company’s authorized capital has not been paid, and from the point of view of the Civil code of Ukraine and the legislation on societies with limited liability, these corporate law could not be alienated.

So we expect this raider scheme has been implemented with the participation of representatives of registration bodies“, – said Romanchuk. Note, since the end of last year, foreign investors were never able to regain control of their assets, and this issue has joined the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine. “We do not stop to wonder what is happening in this country!” – declare there.

Officials of the Ministry of justice to share?

As the lawyers say, such examples can cause a lot and most of all questions to municipal registrars. “In practice, there are many cases when despite the presence of arrests and other encumbrances on the alienation of property municipal state Registrar conducted registration activities. Now we see that the Ministry of justice today is idle and delays the process of disconnecting them from the registers. And the reason is one of personal interest. About six months ago several of the heads of the relevant departments accused that they had received from one of these utilities registrars monthly 200 thousand UAH. And this is not an isolated practice, and put on stream process, when each such enterprise officials receive kickbacks. Initially such enterprises was 277. But many of them were already opened criminal cases due to the fact that people, on which they were registered, simply does not exist. As a result, for a year and a half of work accreditation lost more than half of them. This only shows that the generated schema is not working and is not controlled“, – said “news” the lawyer Rostislav Kravets.

That this scheme is supervised by the Ministry of justice, not just talking and business representatives. In particular, according to the Director of the development company OMOKS Alexei Kulagin, there are cases when the representatives of the Ministry of justice to extort money for the return of the rightful owner in the state register. “For this “public servants” asking you to pay them $50 thousand“, – said earlier Kulagin. Speech, apparently, goes about the members of the so-called “anti-corruption Commission” of the Ministry of justice, which recently was authorized in an extrajudicial procedure to change the data in the registry, if it was a proven fact of raiding.