The range of domestic electromagnetic guns has increased five times

Дальность отечественных электромагнитных пушек увеличили в пять раз

Russian electromagnetic weapons now have a maximum range of 10 km. Earlier the figure was 1-2 km, writes the Telegram-channel “Defense”.

AMY cannon tested in Russia in 2015. Sources in the defense industry said that the performance of the weapon was confirmed in the spring for field firing.

During testing, the guns destroyed targets on the ground and were firing on the drones. Electromagnetic radiation travels at the speed of light that allows you to instantly destroy the electronics of the target.

Despite availability of such facilities, their production in mobile view not yet possible – AMY cannon consume impressive amounts of electricity, so run while in a stationary form.

Earlier it became known about the existence of guns concern “Kalashnikov”, which allows to neutralize the UAV. It also works due to the powerful electromagnetic pulse that at least is able to disrupt communication of the drone base management.