The ranking of occupations in “LNB”: who better to work in pseudorepublic – 24 Channel

Рейтинг профессий в "ЛНР": кем лучше работать в псевдореспублике - 24 Канал

The Cam should now be in the “country” to make you jealous? Not exactly a doctor, teacher or engineer.

Can and doctor, but with a name and reputation that formed itself before the war. Phones these professionals pass through the chain. To give birth to only him. Or teeth treated. Such is always a queue. A physician when grandmothers only a pity, and indeed for four years will not understand, from what had become a doctor.

Teacher – are not. The salary is ridiculously small. Here that even the biggest optimist will become evil too. Children see something and shoes worn in the teacher, and the tights are sewn. Or have a husband with the business, then you can be the teacher at his pleasure, earning stilettos stockings the fact that the rolls for the family budget will not play.

Engineer is also to be funny. Where to work? And the number of unemployed engineers after the war can not be reduced. Who with hands and more agile, was the repairs done, to build, and in fact, before the war, he worked at the plant. Who is weaker – waiting, hoping, that everything will come back, and again will call on the plant and the previous post.

Рейтинг профессий в "ЛНР": кем лучше работать в псевдореспублике - 24 Канал
The market of used things in the “LNB”

Good to have your business. No matter what, though, a funeral (but that’s fine for now), though grocery. The main thing – money. And even if the cowards on the markets you trade, be sure that you are in a better position than a school teacher. Of course, if you sell underwear for themselves, rather than an implementer at her.

I envy even the guards. To find a job on a 2, 000 – luxury. First, not every day, and secondly, do not beat lying. Well, real money, albeit small. Who is clever, works in several places, seeds or candy at night, packs up, and the day somewhere in the public sector works. Envy now, if the person normally lives, and what does – does not matter.

It’s good to be a copywriter. Few people understand what it is, but all heard that the money is there it is possible to earn not too shabby. And often do the students. The copywriter, however, as an online business, someone needs to be under you and you under somebody, otherwise he is not densely accumulated. But also because the work is not one of those that money just walked – need and 9, and 12 time each day articles to rewrite, if you want to earn a proper living. But still jealous because a income in the such and for 40 000 rubles, and even for 70 000.

Well for those who can do in the Internet to make money. Even than: letters to foreigners to write, though scripts of the cartoons… Everything that provides income, great. Jealous of the money, well-nourished, to live normally, to dress from the ‘ will not to save. What will it be – massage at home, article to order, letters to aliens, coffins or wedding? It doesn’t matter.

Probably on anything. They all say that. Calm. Teach children, I hope. Survived the nineties, survived, but then doctors and teachers in the worst situation was, what the traders in the markets. But then everything was clear once, but now – no. Everyone says you need to wait. And how long to wait? For four years waiting for. Enough life…

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