The rapist of a little boy two times before the term was released

Насильник маленького мальчика в два раза раньше срока вышел на свободу

All thanks to the controversial “law of Savchenko”.

Due to the fact that the controversial law day in jail is considered two days in jail, two times faster on the loose was a resident of Transcarpathia, who in 2007, the village of Solotvyno was raped by a minor boy student of a local school.

According to the verdict of the Mukacheve city court from September 2018, which the paedophile sentenced to 9 years in prison, a pervert in April 2007 had committed violent acts against a child. It happened in spillway tunnel of the mine salt mine – the juvenile rapist in the eyes of three contemporaries put to the throat of a child who is under 14 years of age, a knife, and forced oral to satisfy his sexual passion. After committing the unnatural act of a pedophile again felt the exhilaration and heinous acts again.

While the court Yes business, and in jail the pervert held for nearly five years. In the end, the case came for consideration in the appeal the Prosecutor asked for the rapist to 10 years in prison. The panel of judges considered the arguments of the prosecution unconvincing, and ruled that the pedophile has served his due punishment by the “law Savchenko”. And it was released in the courtroom.