The rating of car brands with the most loyal customers

Составлен рейтинг автобрендов с самыми преданными клиентами

The experts analyzed the customer loyalty and called automakers whose customers would choose their vehicle again.

Analytical Agency J. D. Power, studied the customer loyalty of automobile brands on the American market, has ranked the companies with the most loyal customers. The devotees were, like last year, customers of the Lexus, reported on the Agency’s website.

The experts found that 48% of car owners of this premium brand would have chosen this vehicle of the Japanese manufacturer once more.

The five car brands with loyal customers also included Mercedes-Benz (47.8 per cent), BMW (45,1%), Porsche (44,9%) and Audi (43.4 percent).

As for brands, here’s a high bar keeps the car company Subaru (60,5%), quite a bit from her behind Toyota (60.3 per cent). For them customer loyalty is followed by Honda (58.7 per cent), RAM (57.3 percent) and Ford (54,3%).

But such buyers can’t boast Dodge (17.8 percent), Chrysler (14,1%) and the outsider of the rating of Fiat (10.4 percent).

The representative of the Agency J. D. Power Tyson Jomini said that loyalty to a car brand is influenced by several factors, in particular, from the new experience to your driving sensations. He also added that during the quarantine entered because of the pandemic, COVID-19, some automakers have launched various financial assistance programs for customers that only had a beneficial effect on the loyalty of owners of vehicles.