The rating Zelensky fell sharply, and the rejection of the President reached a record data

Рейтинг Зеленского резко упал, а неприятие президента достигло рекордных данных

In just three months of his presidency, Vladimir Zelensky, who during the election campaign managed to convince the Ukrainians, and at the same time at the same time nothing has slipped to the minimum. Trend support of the leader of ze team for him is disappointing.

By the way, such failures of the rating in such a short period was not achieved none of the presidents.

According to workers of the Kiev international Institute of sociology, who conducted the study, the number of respondents who approve of the job only 52%, whereas in September the figure was 73%.

At the same time increased the rate of those who have a negative attitude to Zelensky from 7% in September to 19 by the end of November.

In General seriously fallen stars out of the entire Zee team. Lacked the stars from the sky Alexey Goncharuk with this trend may even reach zero. Now support him are ready to provide only 11% of Ukrainians. Earlier sympathy for the policy experienced 17% of respondents. A failure to appreciate the work and the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov. His personality is cute only a quarter of the citizens.

Ratings of other politicians on the contrary increased, though not as much as they would like. One point moved Yulia Tymoshenko with 20% of the award. Also 1% added and opzz leader Viktor Medvedchuk – the survey involved 15% pathology collaborators. At the godfather the same figure was his colleague in anti-Ukrainian activities of Vadim Rabinovich. The steep increase in the rating showed a fan of Russia Yuriy Boyko. It is ready to support 23% of the population.

The rating of Petro Poroshenko has remained unchanged – 12% of respondents.