The recalculation of pensions in Ukraine: it became known who the most lucky

Перерасчет пенсий в Украине: стало известно, кому больше всех повезет

Next month, Ukrainians will increase the amount of social payments

It is reported that this is the first time in Ukraine in 2019 and increase the amount of social standards, including for pensioners, which cost at least equal to the minimum pension.

As you know, since July 1 vulnerable categories of pensioners, benefit recipients, persons with disabilities and those Ukrainians who have special merits before the country, will receive a small Supplement. These fees are calculated as a percentage of the minimum pension.

Will also increase payments for those who have they are now limited to 10 living wage for disabled. In the Pension Fund (PF) has calculated how much and to whom I add.

Receiving the minimum pension, and only 600 thousand., will pay a pension from 1 July in the amount of UAH 1564/month. (the allowance of 67 UAH). The rest of the nearly 11 million pensioners have at least one hryvnia more, and about 90% of them will receive allowances for excess length of service: 1% for each year worked over 35 years for men and 30 years for women. For example, if a Ukrainian pensioner has 40 years of service, his allowance for an additional 5 years of work, respectively, will increase by 3.35 UAH.

Disabled veterans, participants of military operations, receiving the minimum payment, said more tangible: the 1st group – 191 UAH (UAH is 4457), 2nd – 171 (3988), 3rd – 151 UAH (3519) UAH, persons with an identity of UBD – 110 UAH (2470). Those who became disabled because of Chernobyl, you will pay a minimum of UAH 2346 (+100 UAH) – for the 1st group, 1955 (+84 UAH) UAH – for the 2nd, 1720 (+ 74 UAH) – for 3rd.

Retired combatants and underage prisoners of concentration camps, disabled of the 1st group in the next month will receive an additional 782 UAH (+UAH 33,5), 2nd group – 625 UAH (+27), 3rd group – 469 UAH (+20), “simply” war veterans and prisoners – for 156 UAH (+6,7 UAH) UAH. For combat, the medal will still 7,82 UAH (+34 kopeks), for the order – 23,46 UAH (+UAH 1,02).

Most from the recalculation of social benefits won by those who pay more than 10 PM: they will get on 670 UAH more, if it gets counted them earlier pension.

Experts analyzing the upcoming recalculation of pensions, confident that the payout lags behind inflation. According to Oleg Penzin, with the last increase of social payments in December last year, the price increase (over 5% for may) could be offset only by the pension modernization in March (+17%), which affected almost 10 million people. As well as one – time bonuses for 2410 UAH for those who have extensive work experience (40 years or more) for low wages and small pensions.

“But this is an average, and as pensions were increased in percentage, it is won by those whose pensions are high. And the majority of the allowance amounted to only UAH 100-200, which is less than the rising prices of essential goods,” – says a financial analyst.

Перерасчет пенсий в Украине: стало известно, кому больше всех повезет

Перерасчет пенсий в Украине: стало известно, кому больше всех повезет