The record for the market: Sony is preparing a smartphone with 6 cameras

Рекорд для рынка: Sony готовит смартфон с 6 камерами

Popular German insider has published information about the future smartphone from Sony. The novelty will receive the original camera right with a 6-camera models – this is a record for the market.

According to the insider, this smartphone will be the Xperia lineup. What will suit each module is still unknown.

This is likely to be the main sensor, wide angle lens, telephoto lens and depth sensor. The other two sensors, might be responsible for gluing the images from the Nokia 9 PureView (it has 5 cameras).

What else is known. The new Sony will also get dual front-facing camera. More details yet. Not reported also and when you can imagine new. In the case of Nokia 9 PureView, the presentation was postponed several times due to incorrect operation 5 cameras.

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