The reform of the SBU Zelensky: Rada returned the bill for revision

Реформа СБУ от Зеленского: Рада вернула законопроект на доработку

20.05.2020, 11:23


For the return of the bill on the reform of the SBU to re-read first voted by 287 people’s deputies

The bill President Vladimir Zelensky No. 3196 of the reform of the SBU sent to the Verkhovna Rada profile Committee for preparation for the repeated first reading.

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“For” vote of 287 people’s deputies, against – 29, “abstained” – 33.

Before re-consideration in the Parliament hall Committee will be amended in the bill.

In the current edition of the reform of the SBU involves the reduction of staff from 27 000 to 15 000 people, the demilitarization of service – gradual transition of the military personnel of security service of Ukraine in the status of employees with spartanui, and significant wage growth.

In the case of the bill the head of the SBU will be to appoint the Parliament by the President for six years. Now it is appointed by the President, and the period of tenure is not limited.

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At the same time, according to experts of the Center of counteraction of corruption, the bill retains the SBU Directorate for fighting corruption by simply changing its name but not function.

The amplified powers of investigation: the objectives of the SBU may include combating crimes that threaten national security, and Prosecutor General or his Deputy will be able to pass the SBU any business, if it meets this criterion. In practice, experts stress the CPC, it will enable the security service to pick up and investigate any case, as the criterion of national security are very subjective.

  • 11 Mar Zelensky introduced a bill on the reform of the security service of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada.