The refusal of Sweden on quarantine was useless to save the economy

Отказ Швеции от карантина оказался бесполезным для спасения экономики

The refusal of Sweden from the rigid quarantine for the sake of our own economy from recession during the pandemic coronavirus was useless.

About the Olfin learned from the Financial Times reports.

Experts believe that provided on the GDP effect of a pandemic will be plus minus the same as for the countries who entered the quarantine.

Sweden is stronger than in other Scandinavian countries affected by the pandemic coronavirus. In the country 29.7 thousand infections and 3.7 thousand deaths.

On the assessment of the Riksbank, in a negative scenario, the GDP of Sweden, despite the refusal of the quarantine, will be reduced by 9.7% by the end of 2020.

Recall that the planet faced a recession that was caused by a coronavirus infection and the subsequent actions of the authorities of different States to ensure the safety of citizens. In particular, the auto industry collapsed, tourism, airlines, entertainment. Quarantine affected small and medium businesses. On the background of panic struck stock markets decreased the price of energy. Almost all countries of the world increased their spending on the social sphere: assistance to physicians, unemployment benefits, sick pay, business loans, debt restructuring of financial institutions.

Record fall in GDP and rising unemployment is already fixed in Russia, USA, Italy, Germany, France, Ukraine, Poland, the UK and other countries. International analysts are not yet able to predict the consequences and the end date of coronaries.