The registry office wait: In St. Petersburg wedding motorcade got in an accident

ЗАГС подождет: В Петербурге свадебный кортеж попал в ДТП

The incident happened February 2. Another failed family got their first problems.

In St. Petersburg a festive motorcade got in an accident. It is not known, he went to the registry office or have went to the Banquet.

Fortunately, no one other than the machine on Novocherkassk Avenue, was not injured. Law enforcement waited for not only the groom but also the bride in a white dress.

Perhaps it helped them to quickly understand the situation, which was obviously extraordinary.

Witnesses want to believe that the accident in the first day of the marriage will not be a bad sign.

Perhaps, on the contrary. He will be the only serious problem with which in the future will face a young family.

And Network on this occasion, already joking. They believe it was a warning to the groom or the bride that the marriage contract is not necessary.

It is possible that this was prezimenjaka over.

However, the accident vehicles on crowded Russian streets became commonplace. Can hardly focus on a “wedding”.