The rejection of Breakfast makes one weak in the gym

Отказ от завтрака лишает сил в спортзале

Training on an empty stomach is gaining popularity. However, the study showed that their followers can feel the shortage of necessary energy.

Until recently, even among the professional coaches, there is no consensus about how useful if training on an empty stomach. There are many those who believe that this kind of physical activity brings great effect, especially if a person has excess weight. However, a new study has shown that the rejection of Breakfast can have a negative impact on the progress of trying to reach regular visitors to the gym. Especially if they are strength training and trying to gain muscle mass.

The study authors watched 16 men who regularly attended gyms. They were divided into two groups. In first took Breakfast that contains a significant amount of carbohydrates, and the second in the morning, drank water and ate nothing. Two hours later, all the men passed through a few exercises on the weight bench with a barbell, and a simulator for the development of abdominal muscles. Everyone had to do at least 10 repetitions. It turned out that the group refused Breakfast total number of repetitions decreased stronger than among those who worked after a hearty Breakfast.

Scientists not only assessed the performance in the gym. They also found that consumed Breakfast before going to the gym felt satiety over a long period of time, and generally during the day they felt much less hunger, and less desire to eat. And this is another argument in favor of a full Breakfast.