The rejection of the Eurovision song contest, a claim against the Russians and creativity: a Frank interview with the soloist of Lama

Отказ от Евровидения, иск против россиянки и творчество: откровенное интервью с солисткой Lama

Recently popular group Lama presented a rhythmic song, “Dim.” This is the first song the artists showed after almost a year pause in the media. Journalists LifeStyle24 talked with the same group leader Natalia Zenkiv, from which I learned a lot of creative secrets.

Group Lama is one of the popular bands whose songs are willing to sing the music lovers. After a hiatus on television, the artists were preparing for the presentation of the new album with rhythmic tracks. What creative plans of the group Lama why the team will never take part in Eurovision and than ended in scandal with the Russian singer – read the exclusive interview with Natalia Zenkiv.

You yourself wrote the song “Dim”, which will be included in the new album? All tracks of album will your authorship?

Most of the songs were co-written with my producer Vitaly Telezin. He always wrote music and I the lyrics. In recent years 4 – 5, I write them myself fully. And he produces, makes arrangements, mixing, and sometimes he plays instruments.

In April there will take place presentation of the clip to the song “Dim”. What should the fans expect from this video?

We have completely removed the clip, we are working on the installation. It will be interesting because in the video I’m different than I was used to seeing.

I’ll be in different images. Moments my style remains unchanged, because it’s a part of me, but there are shots where I appear radically different, that will surprise the viewer. Don’t know how it will be perceived, but I really wanted to change something.

I’m experimenting now in songs, music, images, but at the same time return to what it was already. Mean appearance, after all looks good, in particular my long hair. It’s part of me, and I with them feel very natural.

As your return after a creative pause took fans and colleagues from show-business?

It’s not really my return to the big stage. The fact that I disappeared from the media. That is to release the song, for example, “from Ukraine, from Ukraine”, which is very beautiful, atmospheric, but slow. Accordingly, radio stations do not take it in the air and there I have no. The same is true of television: the clip is not formatted, dark, Portuguese forest, all the fog and it is not something that can give ratings.

But I was always matirovannym artist was in the top 3 in the charts. But it is necessary to produce a lyrical song, which is not used to seeing people or program Director television or radio, and where you disappear.

While my concerts as they were, and are. We’re recording an album, I write songs, tracks to order. And this song “Dim”, I hope, will be more conducive to media. It is easier, more energetic and I think she has a good future.

Actually, there is not only the simplicity inherent and deep meaning. I wrote a song not just about love, and about the psychological as women who are attracted to bad guys. The words “smoke” and “smoke” are the embodiment of bad habits. Probably every woman faced with the fact that it attracted not to those who appreciated, loved, cared for, not to those who are family men and the star from the sky to carry. But they are drawn to some kind of selfish in tattoos or someone else (laughs).

In General, research by British scientists, concluded that such men associate women with courage, confidence. They choose to make it competitive and life-giving offspring. But really with these guys, you won’t get anywhere, just the lost years. Why should women choose such men, with which they enjoy life.

I actually producer Vitaly Telezin dissuaded from this word. So we had two versions of this song, one sung “loving ti Chi is not loving”. But I understood that this version is pretty shaky, there is in it some specifics, some raisins, which would be caught. Understand that the word “smoke” doesn’t quite Lama. But all the words I took from life.

In this song, each person can replace the fact that is close to his situation. The point is that these people extracted the life out of you and you’re not having fun, either at work or in everyday life.

Listen to a new song Lama “Dim”: audio

You write a lot of original songs. Where better to do – at sea or in the mountains?

Oh, this is not necessarily the mountain or the sea. You can Wake up in the middle of the night and start humming a song. Or after the conversation to write something. A lot of sources for inspiration, and it’s not just nature.

What about personal criticism? You have a person with whom the Council about the work?

We have our own circle of like-minded people. This Vitaly Telezin, my producer, and our inner circle. Mom can help. But still the decision we make.

Recently finished shooting the Christmas movie “Only a miracle” where You debuted as an actress. The premiere is scheduled for December 2019. What impressions do You have from filming?

It was very good for me, I since the childhood dreamed to be the snow Queen. Such a dreamer was, and still stayed the same (laughs). From childhood, I loved fairy tales on paper could reproduce these images. Therefore this role was very dear to me. As do all very quickly atenalol. And the impressions were fantastic.

This for me was an important step, because in the movie, I had never done. Even worried before.

Our song “from Ukraine, from Ukraine” will be the soundtrack to this film. The song and the text and melodies really fit in there.

You mentioned about the excitement. How to overcome it before going on stage?

The excitement is always there. The less you speak, the more you have the yips.

But I am interested in psychology, meditate, do my self, so you can take themselves in hands in such cases. The main thing – to have that confidence and a positive attitude.

Before going on stage, I have my group set to a good, if some responsible concert, as it was in London. They were all nervous, and conversely, I felt such strength and confidence that he gave it to the guys.

In all situations You remain calm? It is known that in your work took place and the unpleasant incident with the judicial red tape. A few years ago, Russian singer Lama accused your group stealing the name. Ended this conflict in court?

This conflict All started with the fact that she actually wanted to take our name. Generally we Lama was invented long ago. Before we made the request, who is not the name it uses to avoid plagiarism. And then suddenly, when I became popular after the song “My heart”, called me from Russia and said the theft of the name of the group.

Began legal actions against us, and we were forced to defend their rights and honor in court. All ended with the fact that all of those instances we won. But it hurts and they sometimes pop up on the horizon. But I already didn’t react to it.

The hearing took place in Ukraine, in Kiev. At that time, when there were claims from the Russian singer, our songs have been in many esters, as confirmed by all Ukrainian radio and TV channels. I at that time already was matirovannym Ukrainian artist.

And finally: now the top topic in the Ukrainian show-business, there is the scandalous refusal of participation in Eurovision-2019. Would You ever go on this show and whether to wait for a group Lama on the stage?

I originally understood that such contests are not the venue for my creativity. Don’t understand this show and what to expect. This to me was not to my liking. I was invited in 2016 (to take part in the Eurovision song contest – LifeStyle 24), I refused.

It’s extra nerves and you spending your life in the wrong direction. So I better strengths going to waste in the Studio, recording new songs.

Well, when you go there, everything is paid with dignity. And so: why go there? And when you win there, if that goes, then come back as a hero of Ukraine, and will get some kind of 20-th place – erase in ash. As “Greenjolly”, group virtually none after the Eurovision song contest.