The release from custody of Kirill Vyshinsky is the act of restoring the rule of law and human rights

Освобождение из-под стражи Кирилла Вышинского - это акт восстановления законности и прав человека

The opposition platform of Pro – life welcomed the decision of the Appeal court of Kyiv about changing the measure of restraint journalist Kirill Vyshinsky and his release from the detention center. We will achieve the termination of criminal proceedings against all independent journalists, initiated by the Poroshenko regime, and the release of all prisoners of conscience.

The Poroshenko regime has built a machine of political repression for the complete destruction of freedom of speech in Ukraine. The victims of this repressive machine had become independent journalists, bloggers and civil society activists who had the courage to speak out against the regime perpetuated the cult of war, xenophobia and intolerance. Massive widespread practice of pressure and intimidation of independent media and journalists, law enforcement and regulatory authorities. There have been attempts to impose direct political censorship. Crimes against journalists are not investigated and encouraged.

Kirill Vyshinsky became one of the victims of the repressive regime of Poroshenko and was on false charges and remanded in custody. The opposition platform of Pro – life welcomed the Court’s decision to release the journalist Wyszynski from detention. I hope that in the future the Court will only legitimate and fair decision and stop the illegal criminal proceedings against Kirill Vyshinsky.

We will continue to fight for journalists ‘ rights, freedom for all Ukrainian prisoners of conscience. We will ensure that all agents of the former regime responsible for violations of rights of journalists, led by Poroshenko are punished. They will be responsible before the Ukrainian people for their crimes against journalists, not to make a pathetic political statement about freedom of speech. What “freedom” stands behind their words is well known.

We again warn our members of the current government from a repetition of the policies of the previous regime, the attempts of political pressure and repression against the independent media in Ukraine. Struggle with dissent and freedom of speech is a path to dictatorship that will not tolerate the Ukrainian people.

The opposition platform of Pro – life will stand guard over Ukrainian democracy, human rights and independent media. Together with the Ukrainian people we will not allow the transformation of Ukraine into a totalitarian disenfranchised reservation.