The Renault brand is going to abandon some of their cars

Бренд Renault собирается отказаться от ряда своих легковушек

Recently appointed to the post of General Director of the concern Renault Luca de MEO has decided to rethink the development of the model range of the brand. It is reported portal AutoWeek.

At the end of last winter, there is evidence that the new CEO of the auto giant from France will be appointed Luca de MEO, who previously worked for European manufacturers, Fiat and Volkswagen. New Chapter brand from France immediately after his appointment to the new position wanted to review the list of models produced by the brand.

Luca de MEO encouraged his subordinates to focus on development for the production of models of the most popular segments, removing the obviously unprofitable projects. The potential for concern, the Manager sees in a modest-sized models, in contrast to the subcompact, which, as it turned out, not have a particular client demand.

It is noteworthy that the Assembly of cars Renault Clio new CEO of the brand still have to put up with. Because this model brings a good income. But the Twingo car can go without the next generation. The same fate awaits the model Espace, Scenic and Talisman.

The plans of the management team of this auto giant for the development of the C-segment and larger models gives you the opportunity not to lose hope that the upgraded Megane will be completely different. Significant progress in relation to changes in the external appearance and configuration will also wait to cross the most expensive.