The report is hot on the trail: Dr. Komorowski visited the New Sanzhary (video)

Отчет по горячим следам: доктор Комаровский побывал в Новых Санжарах (видео)

On Saturday, February 22, the Ukrainian doctor Eugene Komorowski held a meeting with residents of New Sanjar to clarify the situation for the coronavirus COVID-19.

A well-known pediatrician Eugene Komorowski today called for a New Sanzhary, Poltava region, and told local residents about the coronavirus, the mechanisms of its distribution and mode of observation.

According to Komarovsky, he was called by the residents themselves New Sanjar, asking to understand the situation, which he called “a disgrace”.

“At the request of local residents visited the New Sanzhary. A small report in hot pursuit. Contrary to the assertions of some media pay attention to New Sanzhary no one sent me. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to determine where I go,” wrote a pediatrician.

Eugene Komorowski accused officials of inaction and inability to explain to people what is happening.

“Bunch of questions, no answers,” said Dr. Komarovsky.

In the press center of the national guard assured that on-site medical center “Novi Sanzhary” provided all the conditions of sanitary-epidemiological control and security of the quarantine mode. In particular, the evacuees housed in a separate building with restricted access. They organized a separate power supply, the delivery of which is carried out to all standards and epidemiological safety. In addition, the water supply and Sewerage of the building is isolated.

It is emphasized that health workers have personal protective equipment. The protection exercised by the servicemen of the national guard.

Komorowski in Novye Sanzhary: video