The representatives of the museums of the Dnieper told about problems and plans for 2020

Представители музеев Днепра рассказали о проблемах и планах на 2020 год

On January 23 at the Museum “Literary Dnieper” presentation “Dialogue in the Museum: the heritage, vision, reform.” Problems and prospects of municipal museums of the Dnieper – further into the material.

Dnipropetrovsk historical Museum. Yavornytsky

According to the staff report, in 2019, the Museum was given three books and one booklet, has held five conferences within the walls of the Museum were presented to 14 editions, various training of employees on the territory of Ukraine, abroad, various thematic excursions, field installations, as well as archeological expeditions.

The plans of the Museum – the implementation of inclusive programs and events for people with different physical and social potential, the modernization of material-technical base, the introduction of digital technologies in communicating with visitors, creating a database of volunteers, and improving communication with visitors in the feedback form. But without specifics. The only archaeological Department is planning this year four expeditions in Samarovka for the excavation of lots-Quilchena in apostolivs’kyi district Scythian burial, unearth a burial of Alan potters, as well as another bronze age burial in Pyatikhatka area.

Among the main problems is the condition of the buildings of the Museum on Carpathia Carpathia 18 and 16. According to the staff, observed the destruction of the façade of the building also needed repair of a soft roof and replace the spillway. Repair of each building is estimated to Museum workers is 14 million. They complained repeatedly addressed the management of culture, but they said no money.

Present at the meeting, the current head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional Council Svyatoslav Oleynik promised to do all the repairs: “I Think that has already started to do. It is a little money for the region”.

Museum of the ATO

He presented the activities of the Museum personally by the head of Department Vadim Yakushenko. According to Yakushenko, for 4 years of existence the Museum was visited by more than 400 thousand people. Among the achievements for the year 2019 – project “Ways of heroes”, which was attended by 16 thousand students from across the region, presentation of 40 scientific publications, presentation of movies, results of the 4th edition of the “Book of remembrance” of the fallen soldiers of ATO and environmental protection, of the book “Letter to a soldier”. The Museum helps books and materials for school museums of Dnipropetrovsk region on the subject of the ATO and environmental protection. Among the projects for 2020 – implementation of the grant “Cultural capital” for education and rehabilitation program for participants of the ATO and environmental protection, travelling exhibitions in the cities of Ukraine and communities of the region, the continuation of the project “Ways of heroes”, a catalog of chevrons APU.

The Museum “Literary Pridneprovye”

The Museum personally presented the head of Elena Liventseva. According to her, the institution holds an annual 20-25 exhibitions and 70 thematic evenings, working art Studio, literary and cultural circles. Published 30 publications on the history of the literature of the Dnieper, and two thousand articles (though it is unclear for what period). The main problem and a priority for the Museum, according to Alliancewas is the renovation of the building on Yavornytsky 64. This is the replacement of the roof, waterproofing the Foundation of a house, the installation of 37 wooden double-glazed Windows, installation of outdoor advertising equipment exhibition equipment and create a plan of landscaping the yard of the Museum. And of course, the continuation of guided tours, exhibitions and themed evenings.

Museum Blavatsky

The operation is based on promoting creativity, the founder of theosophy Helena Blavatsky. It organises international forums, conferences, and collected mugs for the subjects of the works of Blavatsky. In 2020 will continue the same work. But higher priority work, as for Literary Dnieper is the reconstruction of the building. According to Elena Alliancewas, “Museum Blavatsky requires a complete renovation”. At the moment there are only two rooms out of three, no heating in the building, there are problems with the facade, the Foundation and roof of the building. The Museum – the creation Museum center. The center, according to Alliancewas, should consist of the manor Fadeev (which is now a Museum Blavatsky), a new city Park, with an area of 1.1 hectares around the estate, and the building of the international scientific centre with a library and laboratories. According to the employee of the Museum, the centre in 2020 will be created with the help of the Department of philosophy of the Dnieper Polytechnic, as well as international partners in the amount of 20 people.

Commenting on the creation of the Museum centre, Svyatoslav Oliynyk called the plans “impossible hypothetical”, but promised this year to contribute to the repair of the Museum, and in a renovated building proposed to accommodate the employees of the scientific center, and to provide them official employment.

The Museum authorities

Located in a building of the Dnepropetrovsk regional Council, according to its leader Maxim Kavun, Museum visits every year from 2.5 thousand to 5 thousand visitors, mainly schoolchildren, officials and deputies of a regional Council. The activities of the Museum is to hold exhibitions and excursions. The plans of the Museum – the installation of the second stage lighting, repair “the couch Brezhnev”, and the exposure reduction associated with the Soviet past.

I hope that these plans will come to life, and we will not be ashamed to walk our museums.

Представители музеев Днепра рассказали о проблемах и планах на 2020 год

Представители музеев Днепра рассказали о проблемах и планах на 2020 год

Представители музеев Днепра рассказали о проблемах и планах на 2020 год

Представители музеев Днепра рассказали о проблемах и планах на 2020 год