The Republicans are preparing sanctions against Medvedchuk

Республиканцы готовят санкции против Медведчука

Former special representative of US state Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker commented on the initiative.

A group of Republicans proposes to amend the sanctions list a number close to Russian President Vladimir Putin of the media barons, which helps the Kremlin to promote their “agenda”.

This is stated in the report of the Republican study Committee.

Among the above-mentioned persons close to Putin, the document indicated the name of the richest man in Georgia, Bidzina Ivanishvili, and also godfather of the Kremlin chief Viktor Medvedchuk – “Pro-Russian oligarch in Ukraine, which actively uses his media Empire in promoting Russia harmful disinformation in the country”.

“Understanding the depth of influence of Russia on key sector plays a key role in helping the Congress and will help to fill the gaps in the existing regulatory architecture, which allows to prevent the detrimental effect of Russia”, – the document says.

At the same time in the program Yegor Kuropteva restricted area, the former special representative of US state Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker explained that the publication of this report does not mean it is mandatory the support of the majority.

“A group of congressional Republicans and their teams who work together on policy documents, or ideas that show their thinking without participation in the legislative process. So this is something very powerful that will become law? No! On the other hand, this is important, because it reflects the views of a significant part of the Republicans in Congress. And from this position, it is very useful to see this”, he said.

Walker also noted that it is not known whether support the proposal in the Senate and the White house because “there are different levels of support.”

“But I would not expect that the language of this report, with all the rigidity of the sanctions that it is proposed, will pass through the House of representatives, the Senate and the White house to become law. A weaker version of the proposal more likely. I actually support the view that the sanctions that we’ve already introduced do not change the behavior of Russia”, – he explained.

The American diplomat added that he considers these persons, in particular Medvedchuk, the Russian oligarch Yevtushenko and Georgian Ivanishvili, “different people with different stories”, so to link them in a single document correctly.

“For example, I think that Ivanishvili is acting very independently. And Medvedchuk is very close to Putin. Therefore, they cannot be linked into one bundle. And according to the research group, I think it was understood, processed, and described by the members of the cabinets. This document does not have the same level of care as in the case of formal developments congressionai committees. On the other hand, as I said, this reflects the position of the Republican members of Congress. And from this point of view it is worth to pay attention,” said Walker.

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Республиканцы готовят санкции против Медведчука

Республиканцы готовят санкции против Медведчука