The resident of Kharkiv region, threw their five year old son from the window, arrested

Житель Харьковской области, выбросивший пятилетнего сына из окна, арестован

The court of appeal Kharkiv region reviewed the decision of the lower court sent under house arrest 45-year-old man who threw a child from the fourth floor. The malefactor is detained.

Kharkiv court of appeal on 28 January tightened the measure of restraint to the resident of chugueva Kharkiv region, who threw his five year old son from the fourth floor window. This was reported by the press service of the court of appeal.

“The suspect used a measure of restraint in form of detention for a term until 13 March,” – said in the message.

On 15 January, the investigating judge Chuguev city court sent a man round-the-clock house arrest. The Prosecutor’s office appealed the decision.

The incident occurred at night on January 13. 45-year-old man threw the boy from the fourth floor. The child fell on the snow and survived.

As reported by TSN, the suspect Vitaliy Lyashenko explained their actions by a bad dream that he was dreaming. Supposedly he thought the son is in danger, and he decided to save him, throwing out the window. The police said that Lyashenko before that he had consumed alcohol.