The resident of Kharkiv region took revenge for mistreatment (video)

Житель Харьковской области отомстил за плохое обращение (видео)

36-year-old resident of the village of kov’yahy valkovskoy area had no idea what consequences will his act committed in a drunken stupor.

As reported in regional management of national police of March 31, the panel “102” called and asked for help for the woman he beat up his own son.

Law enforcement officers went to the scene, where they found a drunken inadequate citizen. Man tied up, put in a car and brought to the police Department.

The story could end, if not for the weird video, scattered around the network. I’ve seen a police car with a damaged windshield is waiting for repair at the service station. The author of the video concluded that law enforcement officers hit a man and trying to cover their tracks.

When the video became public knowledge and reached the police chiefs, law enforcement officers from Swath called to account.

As it turned out, the glass of a car near the police Department damaged the brawler, which was taken from the village of kov’yahy.

Under article “hooliganism”, he faces up to 850 hryvnias of a penalty or restriction of freedom up to 3 years.

Also the man will have to pay for repairs of damaged property. The amount of damages set examination.

According to the materials: