The residents of Kharkov and region will have to pay more for a popular service

Жителям Харькова и области придется больше платить за популярную услугу

For new passport the citizens will have to fork out. This service from July 1 will rise. This was announced in the Cabinet. The rise in price argued that the cost of services rose by almost 2 times. In this regard, the migration service operates at a loss.

The price rises for the service on the issuance of internal passports in case of replacement or loss, as well as the issuance of passports, residence permits, travel documents and other identity.

So, the migration service for the replacement of passport of citizen of Ukraine will have to pay 126 87 hryvnia is UAH. If the document you need to execute faster, namely for 10 days, then the service will cost 252 UAH (now – 174 UAH). Those who have a Ukrainian passport will get for the first time, this service will remain free.

The cost of processing passports within 20 days will increase from 253 USD to 352 USD. For an accelerated procedure will have to pay 704 506 hryvnia is UAH. Then “travel” will give you a week.

Recall that the services of the migration service are only part of the total cost of the document. In the issuance of passports will also need to pay for the forms and the services of the center, which conducts the service of the citizen.

According to the materials: