The residents of the left Bank “bragging” updated market (PHOTOS)

Жители Левобережного "хвастаются" обновленным рынком (ФОТО)

Recently “” I wrote that on the residential area of levoberezhnyy-3 dismantled the old market. And now, locals rejoice in the appearance on the site of the rusty stalls neat and modern trade shops.

– Reconstruction of the first stage ends. The stalls started. Made the pavement and boxes set. Maybe people will stop throwing garbage anywhere. Soon put 4 big trees on the corner, all ready for planting. It’s a nice bonus reconstruction. Stormwater drainage is done on the sidewalk and from the roof of the kiosk, as promised – brought plums in the front garden behind the house. The test of rain it’s been almost successful. Lighting is not done yet, but promise. So we are waiting. Well, I hope that the Windows will remove all the old stalls, debris and make the sidewalk up the Avenue, – wrote Irina Burlachenko Facebook group left Bank 3 | the Dnieper, showing photos of new eurosysnav.