The resonance around two pay stubs for gas: in the Parliament proposed a solution

Резонанс вокруг двух платежек за газ: в Раде предложили решение

In Parliament registered a draft law with a proposal to merge the bills in a single receipt.

In the Verkhovna Rada registered the bill No. 3028 on amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On natural gas market”. The authors propose to combine the bills for consumption and delivery of gas in a single receipt, to determine the billing mechanism and algorithm of the transfer and distribution of funds for the service. The draft entered the Parliament on 6 February, while the 12th transferred to familiarization.

The emergence of yet another bills with Jan connected with the reform of unbundling gas market, i.e. the separation of gas suppliers from distribution companies served by the network. It caused a public outcry, including from-for increases of cost of Bank services, the initiators of the project.

However, as stated in the explanatory note to the document, the legislation does not define a common approach for the payment of bills for supply and distribution of natural gas and electricity. According to the decision of the “tariff” of the Commission, the division of payment only applies to the gas.

The problem of two slips still is that gas suppliers and distribution system operators send to final consumers account for the provision of services for the supply and distribution of gas on different days with different payment deadlines, leading to confusion among consumers.

We will remind, in Ukraine after the heating season NKREKU take all of the utility companies for proper rates.