The resource suspends DxOMark reviews of the smartphones: reasons

DxOMark, the French portal known for its camera reviews and testing sound systems of smartphones, announced the delay of the new reviews and reducing the amount of current. And the reasons for this decision the resource announced in his Twitter blog.

Why will be less related

As it turned out, laboratory staff must abide by a 15 day quarantine during a pandemic coronavirus in accordance with the Directive of the French government. A state of emergency in the country declared because of the large number of patients.

During the specified period will be conducted several tests of smartphones, as most of the reviews will be delayed.

Thus, the engineers switched to remote work from home will be able to return to full testing gadgets, including shooting on the street, no earlier than the beginning of April.

The leader of the ranking

Recall now the first place in the ranking of camera version DxOmark is OPPO Find X2 Pro with a score of 124 points.

What is important to know about Covid-19 in Ukraine and the world

This virus was recorded in China in late 2019. Subsequently, however, the virus has spread almost all over the world. The most dangerous among the European countries was Italy. There disease is found in 47 021 human, and died from it 4 032 patients. On the territory of Ukraine has recorded 26 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with a dangerous virus, 3 of them were fatal.

How not to be infected with coronavirus / Infographic 24 channel

Covid‑19 became the seventh virus of this type, which can be infected person. According to the latest data from the virus died 11 147 people, just sick 265 495 people (as of the evening of 20 March 2020). By the way, there is good news: already 87 363 of a man recovered from the coronavirus.

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