The resourceful man came to work in a skirt because of the ban on shorts

Находчивый мужчина пришел на работу в юбке из-за запрета на шорты

The Dutchman came to work in a skirt in hot weather due to the fact that the rules of the dress code of the company men are forbidden to appear in the office in shorts. This reports the Dutch newspaper AD.

21-year-old resident of Hilversum PIM Steenburgen came to the personnel Department to find out why he cannot wear shorts. There he was told that shorts employees don’t look presentable. However, in the same conversation it turned out that the skirt allowed, and Steenburgen has decided to take advantage of this opportunity. He also learned that the Ministry of social Affairs is allowed to wear a skirt only if it is not too short and “if you allow the condition of the feet.”

Op het werk werd erg positief gereageerd, staat het team achter me en is het’eens dat een korte broek eigenlijk gewoon zou moeten kunnen. – Pimpulsief (@meukmens) June 28, 2019.

On his Twitter page the man asked friends to lend him a skirt. He chose one of the three given blue and came in her office. “All, of course, laughed. But his colleagues laughed not over me, while I unfolded the situation,” boasted Steenburgen and added that many called him a hero and praised for your courage.

According to Steenburgen, his appearance touched the boss and she promised next week to reconsider the policy of dress code of the company.

Himself, the Dutchman believes that the ban on the wearing of shorts is a big step backwards, and if men feel comfortable in a skirt, nobody should deny it, even varicose veins or completeness.