The results of the Davos-2019: exchange of views without compromise

Итоги Давоса-2019: обмен мнениями без поиска компромисса

On Friday in Davos, Switzerland has ended the world economic forum.

The event left an ambiguous impression.

On the one hand, participants like in previous years, tried to set trends in world politics and Economics for at least a year ahead. On the other forum stressed that the main trend in world politics today remains the lack of understanding between the key countries of the planet, writes Today.

What he was talking about in Davos

Unlike previous years, the current Davos was slightly “crippled”: to the forum for various reasons, came a number of leaders of leading world States. Was not US President Donald trump, France Emmanuel Makron, the leader of China XI Jinping, Prime Minister Theresa may. In their absence, the discussion of the questions included in the agenda of the forum, looked at least strange.

The topics of discussions proposed by the organizers of the forum this year, was world trade, globalization, Pexit and climate change. The participants tried to stick to the defined framework, but, of course, expressed their vision of solving problems, taking into account national interests. But because the debate at times resembled a side conversation with the deaf-blind.

Angela Merkel in her speech said about the need to together on terms of compromise and taking into account the interests of all countries, reform of international institutions. In particular, the German Chancellor called for the reform of the UN Security Council.

The increasing role of international institutions spoke and the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. His statement differed sharply criticized protectionism, negatively, according to Japan’s leader, influencing the development of the world economy.

With a similar message was made by Deputy Chairman of the PRC Wang Qishan, who devoted his speech to criticism of trade barriers and artificial barriers in world trade.

It is obvious that these promises were intended primarily for the ears of the main “destroyer” of the existing world order – absent on the forum of Donald trump.

The position of Washington via video link was announced by the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Which among the threats to world order called not the actions of the current US leadership, and foreign and trade policies of China. A good tool for solving the existing problems was called the international coalition (rather than institutions, the reform of which Pompeo said nothing). But the economic development is possible and through the destruction of the existing order of things.

A similar duality was observed when discussing the issue of Breccia. Some leaders, such as Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz – advocated the transfer of the output of Britain from the EU for a few months. Other ebroidery mind.

In fact, said in Davos on key issues was more like an exchange of views, without any hint of compromise.

What not to say in Davos

According to observers, the absence on the forum this year key figures reduced the “weight” of the event. So, according to experts on international policy and the Middle East the analytical center “Ukrainian Institute for the future” Ilya Kusy, speech at the forum trump, Macron, XI Jinping, Erdogan could give answers to many questions.

“If you take Donald trump, many would like to hear what he was going to do in terms of trade. If he wants to complete a trade confrontation with China? But since it was not, the question remained unanswered. Again, no one knows his positions on issues of ecology and climate. No one knows what he intends to do next,” said Ilya Kusa in comments to the website Today.

Also, according to him, it would be important to listen to the speech of the President of France Emmanuel Makron, who after the departure of Angela Merkel from the leadership of the ruling party of Germany slowly touches on the role of unofficial leader of Europe.

“What will he say in which direction he sees the development of Europe depends on the fate of the European Union. Especially considering the fact that the key event of this year there will be elections to the European Parliament. The performance of the Macron, which he would have outlined his vision of reform plans of the EU (which France has actively promoted such plans), it would be very useful for understanding what will happen next,” said Iliya Kusa.

As concluded by the expert, due to the absence of key leaders, the forum leaves the impression of incompleteness.

“This year will be very difficult, and the non-arrival of many key leaders to the forum in Davos – is negative. After all, the forum is a platform where not only exchange views, but also outline the contours of its policy – economic, social, political etc Forum shows that about going to happen next, delineates the plans of States in different spheres of society. Because of what is said in Davos, it was generally possible to understand what direction took the world,” said Iliya Kusa.

In turn, economist Boris Kushniruk thinks that Davos should not be given too much importance.

“Should not in any way exaggerate the value of this forum for the development of the world. It’s just a platform for discussion, the opportunity to exchange views for iconic people. These formats are not objectively determine the development of humanity, – said Borys Kushniruk in comments to the website Today. – In fact, the human development today is determined by the extent to which each individual country to cope with existing challenges. The extent to which it can become competitive in the new circumstances”, – said the expert.

No answers

But if the answers are “current” issues of Davos, at least theoretically, but still could give, what to expect ready-made solutions to the global challenges outlined by the organizers, not even worth it.

“Forum submitted, including questions in the forum format, it is impossible to answer. On a brand new global issues facing humankind today, from climate change to the fourth industrial revolution, from water scarcity to labor migration and globalization to a whole new level – the answer is simply no. No one,” said Boris Kushniruk.

In turn, Iliya Kusa notes that similar issues are just brought to the site to be updated.

“It’s like set fashion, what issues should be discussed or solved. Davos sets the fashion for the topics and problems. If discussing global warming, if it became a topic of discussion such forums as Davos, or the “Big seven”, or “Big twenty”, it means that the issue is important. And this means that it will be addressed, including in a practical way. But it depends on the desires of the reluctance and from specific actions at the level of individual States,” said Iliya Kusa.