The reverse side of the “socialist Paradise”

Обратная сторона «социалистического рая»

The Portuguese are closely watching protests of the “yellow jackets” in France. Sympathy they do not hide. At the European level, Portugal sometimes cite the example of others — for example, in the area of budgetary discipline. Living in Portugal, the Frenchman, for example, sees in the country — unlike his own — constant improvement:

“I think Portugal could be an example, but the French media do not write about it. We never discuss the far-left”.

Elena Cavallone.

“Portugal is often called socialist Paradise. However, the years of savings left in the society a deep impression. Many feel abandoned, left out of globalization. The gap between policy and real life is not reduced”.

Portuguese citizens know that every success has its downside. Many of them would consider the statement about “heaven” bullying. Social justice was held by them:

“Surrounded by poverty. Many even have nothing to eat, they are forced to ask for help. They have to ask for money on the streets to feed themselves and their children.”

“In France things are even worse. They make more money, but they are more expensive. I’m against vandalism, but I understand that they are fighting for the improvement of living conditions”.

“Modern European socialism is not what is “old”, in Mediterranean style, which was closer to the people. Today’s socialism is much “right” and radical, to the present day is not the best solution.”

In Lisbon these days, the Congress of the party of European socialists. They agree that what is called “socialism” today, does not quite match the aspirations of European citizens. The left are rapidly losing the electorate — the Europeans are looking for solutions to their problems and right-wing populists.

Frans Timmermans, the Party of European socialists

“Whatever your political position, when you look at what is happening in France and in other countries, you realize that it is our duty to restore hope to the people who lost it. That’s what we say “yellow jackets”. People need to restore hope”.

European socialists said that if they will not be able to return their electorate in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament — right populist movement will have a real opportunity to influence European processes — as they can already be done on the scale of individual countries.

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