The rider flew into the concrete wall before the start of the race: video stunning crash

Гонщик влетел в бетонную стену еще до начала гонки: видео сногсшибательной аварии

During training before the first stage of the Australian SuperCars series racer, McAuley, Jones crashed his car. He flew into a concrete wall at full speed.

The accident occurred on the high-speed rotation. According to the preliminary version, the cause was brake failure.

“In this place such a high speed that I was lucky – the wall stood far from the road. I felt like in slow motion when flying it back to the car. There can be nothing worse when left with no brakes at the end of straight at that speed. Good thing there was the barrier of the tire, not just a concrete wall,” said after the accident, Jones McAuley.

Video crash during race in Australia

Damage to the machine does not allow the rider to continue the weekend in Adelaide.