The ring on the iris, crease on the earlobe is not obvious signs of heart disease

Кольцо на радужной оболочке, складка на мочке уха - неочевидные признаки болезней сердца

Crease on the earlobe, the white ring around the iris – the special features of the body can be warning signs of heart disease. If you notice these signs, be sure to consult a doctor.

1. Diagonal crease on the earlobe“Diagonal earlobe creases” associated with diseases of the coronary arteries. They can be a symptom of arteriosclerosis, that is, the contraction of deposits in the blood vessels, including the important coronary arteries.

The ear is well supplied with blood, poor circulation can lead to the collapse of vessels, which is reflected as diagonal crease. And if the ear lobe is observed narrowing of the vessels, the vessels for heart disease also affects.2. The yellow nodesyellow-orange, and knotty fat deposits on the hands, knees, or upper eyelid is a sign of high cholesterol. This hypercholesterolemia is considered a symptom of atherosclerosis, a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke.3. Deformation of the nailsHippocrates described this striking, rounded to Mace deformation of the nails. It is associated with insufficient supply of oxygen to tissues. The reason is heart failure. Small vessels often formed in the phalanges, the nails become thicker and wider.4. The fourth ring around the irisbody Fat can manifest in the form of grey rings around the iris. This “getting old”, as the name implies, is often found in the elderly. If a person up to 45 years formed a ring, is a symptom of disorders of fat metabolism. The ring does not interfere with vision, but may indicate cardiovascular.

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