The risk of infection: Crimea faces an epidemic of measles

Инфекционная опасность: Крыму угрожает эпидемия кори

The tourist season on the Peninsula in jeopardy because of an outbreak of infectious disease.

In Crimea appeared the risk of infection. In the detention center on the Peninsula was diagnosed with measles in jailed ex-Deputy Pavel Stepanchenko. The infection can move to the Crimea from Ukraine. According to official data, there already had measles more than 55 thousand citizens. Apparently, the Peninsula faces an epidemic of infectious disease. In this regard, Crimea may be temporarily closed to visiting tourists.

Measles is a viral disease with high contagion rates. This means that the infection transmitted very easily. The disease is accompanied by fever up to 40 degrees. As a rule, suffer the mouth and lungs. Often, the disease ends in death. In 2017, measles killed 110 people. The most vulnerable group are children.

Physicians called measles signs: deterioration of sleep, swelling, cough, sensitivity to light. On the skin there are white spots with a red border. There is an unpleasant feeling in the abdomen. In the presence of these symptoms should immediately consult the doctors.

During the illness mandatory to stay in bed. It is forbidden to eat fried food because it irritates the mucous membranes. As a treatment apply a milk diet. Often patients are prescribed a multivitamin.

Инфекционная опасность: Крыму угрожает эпидемия кори

Инфекционная опасность: Крыму угрожает эпидемия кори