The river drunk mother fed a baby vodka

Днепре пьяная мать поила младенца водкой

In the Unsightly and even hideous picture was seen by the townspeople a few hours ago: drunk parents pushing a pram, and the mother fed the baby with vodka when she started to act up. I had to call the police. What to do? About the incident reported by the Informant. “The commitment and timely response of passers-by may have saved the life of a one year old baby. Her mother together with her roommate took a sufficient dose of alcohol in order to get lost in space. Both, barely moving his feet, walked along the roadway with a stroller, occasionally pushing her in front of the wheels of the car, creating an emergency situation. In addition, as the patrol later said the witnesses, a woman was watering a little vodka when she started to act up. It seems to have calmed down. It lasted for as long as people didn’t call the police. Signs of alcohol intoxication as the 33-year-old man and 24-year-old woman, was “there” – bleary eyes, characteristic breath, red face and complete disorientation. Meanwhile, the baby in the stroller silently watched as her mother communicate with the police. The latter was extremely outraged by the appearance of “men in uniform” – a woman constantly threw at them, used foul language and refused to comply with their demands. In the end, along with her boyfriend was handcuffed and taken to Novolakskoe the police station, where both received reports on articles 173 (for swearing in public places) and 185 (for disobedience to the lawful demands of police), Art. The girl gave the doctors – she is now in the 6th city hospital. The question of who will be her guardian. Information about the incident inform the juvenile of prevention”, – stated in the message.