The river is not destined to put the infrastructure record

Днепру не суждено поставить инфраструктурный рекорд

In the Dnipro Council considered a petition of the townspeople to organize a new trolleybus route which was to connect the LM West and LM Victory through the Central station. The total length of the route was supposed to be a record – more than 20 km. In the system of local petitions, the initiative of citizens got more than 1000 votes.

This need has arisen because of the monopolization of the transport market, namely regarding the exit of the massif (West – approx. ed.) by private carriers of routes No. 86 and 118. During rush hour it is very difficult to get out of the array, and in bad weather impossible. There is tram number 5, which is scarce, and damage the movement of trams stops at all, – said in justification of the petition.

Response Committee of the city Council announced in an interview for channel 34 the Chairman of the working group to handle e-petitions Alexander Shikolenko.

– Two railway crossing it is forbidden to pull the trolley Is the victim, people.

Infrastructure the street system does not allow it to lay trolleybus route because the legislation establishes certain requirements, and they do not match because the street is in an industrial area,” said the official.