The road decided to pass! In the Vladimir region are implementing sanitary aviation

Дороги решили обойти! Во Владимирской области внедряют санитарную авиацию

Now patients need not fear that the emergency medical team to get stuck in traffic, or it will be fined for improper Parking.

In the Vladimir region have announced radical changes in the ambulance system. Regional Ministry of health promised that by 2024, the ambulance will be significantly different from that which is now. First, all the first aid station will be combined into a single “Regional emergency station” and now doctors can help patients even outside their district. At the moment the system works in such a way that the doctor from B may not help the patient from point A, even if is closer to the patient than it is attached to a district colleague. For example. In the future, the patient will be sent to the team that is actually him in the near distance.

And secondly, the expected upgrade – the introduction of sanitary aviation. In the Vladimir region, said that introducing sanitary aviation in order to quickly help the sick, whose every second counts. For example, if the patient is in a remote village. Roads leading to these settlements, is poor. Therefore, the health Ministry has decided to skip it and rush to the aid of those in need by helicopter.

Also pilots aviacar not afraid of fines for improper Parking. In recent attacks on the drivers of “fast” frequent – recent case in Moscow when the driver is forced to pay a fine for Parking in the wrong place so far at the hearing. And while the penalty remains in force, though the driver and assures that the patient is dying and time to choose the “right” place was not. Helicopters will also be equipped with high-tech equipment that will become the salvation for victims in road accident and received serious injuries.