The robots are exposed to racial discrimination

Australian scientists under the leadership of Christophe Bartnicka (Christoph Bartneck) from Canterbury University (New Zealand) in their study decided to find out whether “racial” discrimination humanoid robots, but rather, discrimination against the robots by color corps.

Роботы подвержены расовой дискриминации

The result of the study was stunning: it turned out that humanoid robots are subject to racial discrimination. People-the subjects more likely was ready to shoot at dark armed robot.

The willingness to shoot at light levels below. Of course, much lower was the probability of firing at an unarmed robot.

Participants of the experiment were the Americans of different race. They showed pictures of humanoid robots of different colors and were asked to identify their race. Then people were shown pictures of different robots and people holding in her hand all sorts of objects, including weapons. Subjects had to quickly decide who they will shoot.

It turned out that the bias against victims is not only in relation to people. It is also of relevance to the robot.

Body shape, hair length humanoid robot is determined in the eyes of the people the gender of the robot. In this case, the discrimination of robots can also be carried out on gender prizraka. Ethics vzaimootnoshenii human and robot is becoming increasingly important. Because the number of devices with artificial intelligence are already in the millions and will continue to grow exponentially.

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