The RRT did not find violations in the investigation of Poroshenko about inciting religious hatred

ГБР не нашло нарушений в расследовании дела Порошенко о разжигании межрелигиозной розни

According to the head of the RRG Alexander Sokolov, cancellation of registration of the UOC-KP should be considered in the context of administrative or civil proceedings.

The investigation has not found any violations in the investigation of the case against the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko about the alleged “inciting sectarian strife” in the creation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

As they say in the message on the website of the State Bureau of investigation, this was during the briefing said the acting Director of GBR Alexander Sokolov.

In particular, according to him, within the framework of pre-judicial investigations RRT was not challenged and was not tested on the issues of obtaining of Ukraine’s Tomos of autocephaly.

As explained Sokolov, the criminal proceedings, to which in their public statements referred to Poroshenko, in fact, was not Thomas, and cancellation of registration of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate. It was registered on the basis of a court decision even when the leadership of the Roman Trumpet and is currently closed.

“The proceedings commenced by the statement of the faithful of this community and raised the issue that they are denied free use of the churches of this community. After conducting preliminary investigation, assessing all possible facts and carrying out all necessary investigative actions on this case is now closed. Investigators have not installed the elements of a criminal offence which falls under article 161 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, namely the violation of citizens ‘ equality based on their religious beliefs,” said Sokolov.

In his opinion, the cancellation of the registration of the UOC-KP should be considered in the context of administrative or civil proceedings. Sokolov also warned public officials from politicizing the work of the RRG and speculations on religious topics.

“RRT is valid only within the current legislation and does not interfere in the matters of religion. For this reason we carried out consultations with representatives of various religious communities, which brought the position of the state Bureau of investigation”, – summed up the falcons.

“It turns out that they filed against me in another case. It’s called “inciting sectarian strife by getting Thomas and the establishment of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine”, – he said.

Poroshenko called excited against him “petty revenge notorious people” and assured that he is not afraid of the current government.

In the State Bureau of investigation announced that the case was filed on 6 November 2019. SBU began an investigation into the statement believers of the Kyiv Patriarchate, Ukrainian Orthodox Church on the illegal actions of a number of senior officials who have committed actions aimed at inciting sectarian strife with the creation of the PCU. In the future, the SBU handed over the matter for investigation to the GBR.

June 19, in the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, said that he considers the charges of “inciting religious hatred” with the creation of the PCU as a shameful and cynical attempt of pressure and interference with the development of the Church, the process of international recognition and freedom of expression of religious communities.

In ptsu believe that the fact of the beginning of the investigation on trumped-up reason, and especially the fact that it was not closed, and supposedly lasts for more than 8 months, becoming publicly known is only now, is “shameful and absurd attempt to put pressure on the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, undertaken in the interests of the opponents of its formation and development, including those who have their heads in the neighboring country-aggressor”.

DNC calls on those involved in the politically motivated persecution, “remember about personal responsibility before God, own conscience, previous, present and future generations”.

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